Frequently asked questions

Does the v4 API directly replace the v3 API?

Yes. The v3 API is now considered end of life and will be deprecated soon. The last Red List update to be applied to the v3 API will be the 2024-1 update in June 2024.

When will the v4 be out of beta?

We do not have a precise timeframe for when the v4 API will be taken out of beta, but we expect it to be some time in Q2 or Q3 2024.

Can I use Red List data for commercial purposes?

No, Red List data cannot be accessed via the v4 API for any commercial purposes. Please refer to the API Terms of Use for full details. To obtain a license for commercial use, consider subscribing to IBAT.

How often are the underlying data updated for the v4 API?

This depends on a number of factors but, typically, the Red List is updated two or three times per year.

I have noticed assessment data on the Red List website that is not present in the API. Why?

Our aim is to enable users to programtically acccess all assessment data via the API. In short; if it is on the website, it will be available via the API. However, it will take time to deliver all data in a logical and consistent manner and we ask for your patience while we work to bring more Red List data to you via the v4 API.